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Enough with Job 22:28

Ok, so this post may lose me a few readers.  Can we all give the proof texting of Job 22:28 a rest?  It’s a classic example of sloppy thinking among present day Christians.  And I have to say, sadly, that … Continue reading

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Looking on the Bright Side of Harold Camping – Jim Hall

These are great insights from Jim Hall (the House of Prayer Edmonton) about the need to think biblically about the return of the Lord. Looking on the Bright Side of Harold Camping May 21, 2011 by Jim As many people are … Continue reading

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Getting the Wierdness out of the Prophetic – J. Lee Grady

Very timely thoughts from J. Lee Grady … I believe prophecy is a powerful spiritual gift when it is used correctly. Paul told the Corinthians (who had been abusing charismatic gifts) that genuine prophecy has three important functions: (1) edification, … Continue reading

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Needless Casualties of War – John Paul Jackson

When we teach about “Praying with Authority” the topic of spiritual warfare naturally comes up.     We really like the book written by John Paul Jackson, titled, “Needless Casulaties of War” because of its extensive treatment of this topic.   Specifically JPJ takes a … Continue reading

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Common Sense is not so Common

Time for a Rant:  Some humour required. It was Voltaire who proclaimed, “Common Sense is not so common.”  I happen to believe that God gave most of us common sense, and that it is a gift quite often wasted.  Partly … Continue reading

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Discernment for 2011

Warning: Some humour required. “The leaven of heaven in 2011”.  I just know I’m going to see a conference with that title this year.  Hmmm … what else rhymes with eleven?  Oh yeah.  Seven.  Which means they will recycle all … Continue reading

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