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How do you draw an angel? – C.S. Lewis

Those fellow C.S. Lewis fans out there will know that there are several great websites dedicated to his work. I found a recent blog entitled “Mighty Ones Who Do His Bidding” by Janice Brown  that looks at Lewis’ understanding of angels and demons. … Continue reading

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Jack’s Life – by Douglas Gresham

  My all-time favourite writer is C.S.Lewis, or “Jack” as he was called by all his friends.  So I was delighted to find a newer biography about him. (I’ve read about 8 biographies over the years.)  This bio shows a … Continue reading

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Does Prayer Work? – C.S. Lewis

    The very question “Does prayer work?” puts us in the wrong frame of mind from the outset. “Work”: as if it were magic, or a ma­chine—something that functions automatically. Prayer is either a sheer illusion or a personal contact … Continue reading

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A Narnian Christmas

This is our temporary website until the brand new full-featured one arrives in 2011.   Our family watched the new 3D version of “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” last night.  Awesome film.  Much closer to the original C.S. Lewis … Continue reading

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