Same Church, New Name and New Location

Church of the Messiah - Ottawa

The church that we attend in dowtown Ottawa has been forced out of it’s historic location after 144 years.  We now meet just down the street in the Ottawa Little Theatre.  I have to say I really like the new location!  If you have to make a change it is not so bad to have a modern, air-conditioned auditorium with theatre-style seats.

You can read the whole story of why we had to move and why the church is now called Church of the Messiah rather than St. Albans.  (I like the new name too!)  The day of the big move was covered in the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen just a couple of weeks ago.

Why did we decide to worship at an ANIC (Anglican Network in Canada) congregation?

Well we checked it out because our daughter found that a number of her classmates from university were attending there.  We stayed because we felt the Lord was calling us on a journey into a more liturgical expression during this season of our lives.  We love the biblical preaching by Rev. George Sinclair and the way he always challenges our thinking about our faith.  The fact that the church is solidly evangelical and also evangelistic is crucial, since it is on the doorstep of the University of Ottawa and the downtown area.  Also it helped that the location was near the National House of Prayer where we worked for 5 years and thus could encourage our staff and interns to walk to a healthy neighbourhood church.

We’ve stayed for the last couple of years because we sensed that these transitional years were very important and our prayers and encouragement would be a way that we could reciprocate the blessings we were receiving.

This Fall we are excited that our good friend (and former intern) Jeremiah Smith is returning to the Church of the Messiah to be our worship leader and to work with the College ministry.

Check out the new website for Church of the Messiah here.

Check out George Sinclair’s weekly blog here.

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2 Responses to Same Church, New Name and New Location

  1. Interesting. I came to the Lord and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in an Anglican church, and have always loved the Anglican expression of liturgy even though I have never sensed that God was directing me to be part of an Anglican church. Also interesting because our new church home (for the past year) – All Nations ( – is another body that is seeking to reach out to the UOttawa campus.

  2. Stan Wismer says:

    Your ministry sounds like a great model and
    Inviting of a challenge for youngPlease send mailing address.

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