Faith Today – Digital Version

I’ve been reading this magazine since it was first published and edited by Leslie K. Tarr.  It’s the best way to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the Canadian Church.

Now they have launched a digital version.  This initial edition is free.  Check the link below.

Faith Today is a distinctly Canadian, award-winning magazine. It connects, equips and informs evangelical Christians. This summer everyone, including non-subscribers, can enjoy free access to a special 54-page issue.

Visit to read about

• International adoption

• Using Facebook and other social media for social good

• Updates on key social issues from The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

• For women, a column by Michelle Arthur of Women Alive

• For men, a column by Kirk Giles of Promise Keepers Canada

Share your Faith Today by telling
others about it! (There’s a “share” button on every page that
makes it easy.)

Take advantage of this limited-time offer now

The Editors at Faith Today

(Gail Reid, Bill Fledderus, Karen Stiller)

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