The Centrality of the Psalms

Flags of the Nations at YWAM Barbados

The Psalms have been called “Israel’s Hymnal”.  For 3000 years believers have been expressing the words from these songs back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Jesus sang the Psalms with his disciples.  He quoted them back to his critics to prove his Messiahship and his Divinity.  It’s one of the mysteries of this portion of Scripture, that what was once expressed to God, becomes also the word of God expressed to us.  And then the movement of the Spirit continues as we find in the Psalms the words to express again back to God our own joys and sorrows and praises.

Right now, as I am here in Barbados along with leaders from a number of Caribbean YWAM bases, we are meditating on the Psalms.  Currently I have given them an exercise to rewrite their favourite Psalm.  In a few minutes they will share it with the group.

We have also been singing in all kinds of musical styles the words of the Psalms to each other.   (See yesterday’s blog.)

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