Some Great Missional Thinking from Dave Harder

Here’s some great quotes from Dave Harder who leads a missional congregation here in Ottawa called The Journey.  He also leads the Missional Track of Mission Ottawa and he is always pushing us in the right direction.

“Whenever someone (in the Bible) came face to face with the reality of who God was it mobilized them on mission.”

“Being a Teflon-Christian (joining with culture and moving every 4 years) does not work, we are called to stick somewhere, put down roots… we need to capture a sense of place and help others feel at home.”

“The renewal and redemption of this city begins when you are the church where you live.”

“It is so much easier to “do” church than to love people. Engaging in radical gospel neighbouring will cost you.”

“The truest thing about us is not our mission, cool strategies, or zeal but the gospel in us living out through us through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. The gospel, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is the fuel behind the mission.”

“In the risk you will come alive… as you go on mission God will give you huge gulps of himself filling you up to overflowing.”

(These came from one of his recent sermons.  Read many more great articles on his blog.)

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