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A New Old Way to Pray – Shane Claiborne

From one of the leaders of the new monastic movement here is an overview of why they are using liturgy in their prayers. It has been said we should live with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in … Continue reading

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Divine Synergy: Genetic Engineering – Jill Weber

Check out Jill Weber’s “Off the Wall” blog today.  She describes the great way that her House of Prayer is blending two different styles of night and day prayer. Divine Synergy: The Art of Collaboration ~ Genetic Engineering I can remember … Continue reading

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More Than Gold Revisited

Yesterday I had the joy of hanging out with some good friends in the Gatineau Hills.  A couple of them are from PEI and when we started talking about the commanded blessing of God upon unity, it became clear that … Continue reading

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Christ & City 2011

Chicago is one of those places that seems to foster innovative models and new synergies.  Here’s the info for this year’s conference.  It’s free if you can get there.  Tim Keller is the main speaker.  I’ve listed some resources from … Continue reading

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Anything You Ask – Colin Urquhart

   “When I ask church-going people if they pray, most say that they do.  But if I go on to enquire if God does whatever they ask of Him, there is usually an embarrased silence or even laughter at the … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Neighbourhood – Aaron Fortner

I’ve written earlier on this blog about how “everything is local”.  How cities are made up of neighbourhoods, and how that is the basic building block of our cities.  So I love this article by Aaron Fortner who writes with … Continue reading

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International Partners Conference – April 11-15

Thank you for visiting our temporary website.  A full-fledged site is coming soon! Everything you need to know about partnering with other ministries.  The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) is partnering with the International Partnering Associates to bring a training … Continue reading

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